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Master web development for free

We all know that the best things in life are free. So when it comes to an online medium like web development, why spend your hard earned money with all the free knowledge available at your fingertips?

24 Ways — The advent calendar for web geeks.

A Detailed PSD to HTML Tutorial — Learn how to design web layouts in Adobe Photoshop and convert them into responsive HTML websites.

Become a Programmer, Motherf#cker — If you don’t know how to code, then you can learn even if you think you can’t.

Coderwall — The latest development and design tips, tools, and projects from our developer community.

First Aid git — A searchable collection of the most frequently asked Git questions.

Flywheel Resources & E-books — All things web design, WordPress & Flywheel.

freeCodeCamp — Learn to code and help non-profits.

Front end standards—A little online book about a shared understanding of front-end development best practice.

FutureLearn — Free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations.

Getting Started with Vim — An interactive guide.

HTML5 Mobile Pro — A self-taught course about mobile web app development with HTML5 and specifically devices using WebKit-based browsers.

How to keep up to date on Front-End Technologies

IT Unplugged — IT resources without the BS.

Let’s Scaffold a Web App with Yeoman

MongoDB For Beginners

Open Source eBooks — Learn more about open source and the growing open source movement.

Open Source Guide — A community guide for open source creators.

O’Reilly Web Programming

Python Books — The best free Python resources.

Resilient Web Design

Scrimba — A community of developers sharing knowledge through interactive coding screencasts.

Servers for Hackers — What programmers need to know about servers.

SilverStripe CMS Tutorials

Software engineer reading list

Style Manual — The rules of punctuation.

Talks to help you become a better Front End Engineer

The Big Badass List of Twitter Bootstrap Resources

The Data Driven Daily — Helping you make better decisions using data.

The U.S. Digital Services Playbook

Thinking in Object Oriented Design — 5-day email course.

Tooling for StyleGuides

Web Developer’s Handbook 2.0 — A collection of useful links.

Web Font Anti-Patterns — Clar­ifies ex­ist­ing prac­tices (good and bad) and guide you to­wards bet­ter web font us­age.

ZURB Library — An arsenal of tools and knowledge accumulated since 1998.

It should go without saying that there is also plenty of inspiration/information that you can find with enough digging around from the following usual suspects…

CodePen (a couple of good examples are this and this)

Dribble (see who I’m following)

GitHub (some good examples are this, this, this and this)


  • Adventures in Angular — Dedicated to the Angular JavaScript framework and related technologies, tools, languages, and practices.


YouTube Channels:

… and of course, this website!

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